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Very Important:

Weather and bad field conditions can be very frustrating and, in some cases, difficult to call.  Please keep in mind the safety of the kids, parents and coaches.  In the event of inclement weather on the weekend, the “Rainout Policy” is listed below. 

There is a “Weekend Game” policy and a “Weekday Game” policy.  Please follow the protocol below for inclement weather. 


Weekend Rainout Policy:

On the weekend, the majority of the games are played at 3 locations.  District representatives (some of them are four legged) will check the fields to see if they are playable.  The website will be updated by 8:00 AM, every Saturday morning.  We will close any fields that aren't playable.  The website will then notify the teams that are affected by the fields being closed. 

  • Check the D5 rainout update at http://KnotholeBaseballD5.com .  The website will be updated no later than 8:00 AM.
  • If fields are closed, contact the opposing team’s coach and confirm the cancellation.
  • Try to reschedule the make-up game with the other coach immediately.
  • Once a make-up date has been agreed upon please email me at djax.jaw@gmail.com and I will update the website.

Important: once the website has been update (by 8:00 AM on Saturday mornings), if inclement weather rolls into the area after 8:00 AM and causes unsafe playing conditions, the “Weekday Policy” goes into effect.  It becomes the home team’s call on whether a game needs to be postponed due to unsafe playing conditions.  Please follow the "Weekday Rainout Policy".


Weekday Rainout Policy:

During the week it is the "Home" team coach's responsibility to determine if a field is playable or not. 

  • If you decide to cancel, please text our Director of Umpires at (513) 266-0182 immediately (this does not apply to T-Ball, Coach Pitch and D-Jr).  This will allow us to contact the umpire assigned to your game.  Please do not call, only text!
  • When texting; text your field location, start time and team name.
  • Contact me via email at or text at 513-259-8020, so I can update the website.
  • Try to reschedule the make-up game with the other coach immediately.
  • Once a make-up date has been agreed upon please email me and I will update the website.

Please consider the following when making the decision to play:

  • The safety of the players.  Wet conditions can cause injuries.
  • Please do not damage the field by playing when the field is too wet.
  • Absolutely, no digging trenches on any fields!  This causes long term damage.
  • Please use only a quality mixture if you are going to use a field drying agent (no “Kitty Litter”!).  There’s a product called “Pro’s Choice - Rapid Dry”.  You can pick it up at “Teams All Sports” in West Chester, Ohio. 
  • If you cancel; please try to notify the opposing team's coach no later than 3:00 PM so they can get a message out to their parents (if possible, even earlier for teams traveling more than 30 minutes).
  • Please notify me so I can update the website.